Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day

What are you making your love bird for Valentine's Day?

  Kids love helping in the kitchen, and cooking with your kids is a wonderful way to make memories with them!  You are giving them a gift, by teaching them to cook! 

Sunday I taught my 4 yr. old daughter how to make a chocolate cake from scratch.  She loves helping me in the kitchen.  She giggled as she added a tablespoon of flour at a time while I stirred the cake batter!  

She was so excited when the cake was ready!  She told me she just wanted the cake, no icing... Just cake!  
She said it was really good!

Yesterday I had a great idea!  We had "heart" and "lips" cookie cutters... We used the cookie cutters to cut the cake and decorated with red icing!  It was a lot of fun!   Here are a few pictures!

Cutting the cake with a large heart shaped cookie cutter!

Happy Valentine's Day

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