Saturday, February 5, 2011

Codee's Bacon Ice Cream

  I know what you are thinking ... BACON ICE CREAM?? yes, that is what I was thinking too.... When my husband's cousin posted on Fb she was going to make Bacon Ice Cream I had mixed feelings... I do enjoy sweet & salty... but I was having flashbacks of "Iron Chef" when Morimoto made ice cream with fish.... I think it was salmon.. ?     So.... Codee says she is going to make Bacon Ice cream the following day....  I wait patiently, well I lost sleep wondering about this Bacon Ice Cream!  Really people, I dream about food..  I know I am a dork!  
Codee sends me this message to let me know how it tasted:

Okay so my Mom said it tasted like pecan pie lol but i don't like pecans or pecan pie but that's what she said. Its really rich but its really delicious.

I just browsed for a bacon ice cream recipe on the Internet and found this:

And... I did everything it called but i used 2% milk because that was all we had and blue bonnet butter spread stuff. But since I didn't have a machine I put it in the fridge for 3 hours then added the extra milk then stuck it in the freezer for 90 mins then mixed it around with a wooden spoon to break up the ice. and stuck it in again for another 90 mins and then added the bacon in. That was around 5:15 or so and around 7:30ish it was hard and an ice cream consistency and we just ate out of the container. Only a couple bites because it was so rich but my mom loved it. She said the candied bacon made it taste like caramel. She's crazy but because the custard itself was so rich the saltiness from the bacon made it taste great.

Oh I also didn't add the liquor and I added cinnamon. (But i didn't measure the vanilla or cinnamon, just eye balled it haha)

But I would totally remake this again. It made a good amount as well.

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  1. I was thinking Codee was crazy when I saw her post on FB. I'm glad you tried it sounds very interesting. I might have to try it myself, thanks for the recipe.