Thursday, January 27, 2011


What is your favorite cake or pie??

Me: Southern Chess Pie


  1. My favorite cake is Birthday Sheet Cake from Kroger. Their cakes are great and their buttercream is excellent!!! I would take a Kroger sheet cake over any other kind of cake. I like white and chocolate but chocolate is my fave. I like to eat the frosting off first. I take a small bite of frosting and mix it with Kroger's Party Pail vanilla ice cream. I do this until the icing and ice cream are gone. Then I eat the cake.
    I am not a big pie person. I like them but would rather have cake.

  2. Christen~I like birthday cake too:) I love your description! As far as cake goes, my favorite cake would be Italian Cream Cake, Carrot Cake. I love cream cheese icing!! YUM!!
    I love pies! Chess pie 1st, Pecan pie & Fudge Pie = a tie for second... then fruit pie... Apple pie, blackberry pie, etc:) So I am a pie person! I haven't had a pie in over a month...:(