Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roast Chicken

My Mother-in-law gave me this chicken cooker about a year ago.  I have always loved "drunken" chickens on the grill.. This is my first chicken cooker and I swear by it.  It is super easy to cook chicken, and always comes out juicy and tasty everytime.  My latest chicken had Mexican beer, cilantro, lime & fajita seasoning inside the inner ring, fajita seasoning runned on the outside of the chicken.  It was wonderful.  Darcy loved this, and she could hardly wait for it to cool the day I made this:)
Tumbleweed Pottery's Orginal Chicken Cooker

Creates a Delicious, Tender, Juicy Chicken that is dripping with flavor! Our Original Chicken Cookers do not use oils to make chickens so full of flavoring; giving you a scrumptous chicken dinner without the fat! Enjoy your meal not only because it is delicious but also because it is healthy.

Also known as drunken chicken, beer can butt chicken, beer can chicken, and tipsy chicken; our Original Chicken Cookers take your favorite wines and beers and marinate a chicken from the inside out.

Stop worrying with the hassles of trying to light a grill or trying to cook a meal on the grill before the rain comes; our Chicken Cookers serve up scrumptous dinners from the ease of your home oven.

Simply fill the Chicken Cooker's well with your favorite beer, wine or beverage; place bottom of chicken over the well, and the chicken will cook from the inside out - ensuring moist & juicy chicken every time! Try rubbing your favorite spices or herbs on the outside of the chicken for added flavor. Play around with barbeque or Jamacian Jerk Sauce for an extra zing! When you are ready to experiment with other beverages, try adding orange juice, Dr. Pepper, apple juice, and other sodas and juices that will give the chicken a whole new taste. CHEF'S NOTE: be sure to place the Original Chicken Cooker, and all it's contents, in a COLD oven. Bring your meal and the temperature of the oven up together. This will ensure long lasting durability. For easy clean-up; simply put the chicken cooker in the dishwasher!

NEVER cook dry chicken again!

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