Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I can't remember if I have shared this.... If I have it is so great I have to talk about it again! LOL My husband and I are always looking for low cal-low fat ways to eat pizza!  I love this, duh we live in Memphis..  love BBQ anything.... I actually make my "easy chicken salad" for this pizza.. I use canned chicken, a little dash of Greek seasoning & Hellman's mayo..  I get the healthy tortillas that have vitamins, etc... top the tortilla with no. 7 Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, sprinkle a little low fat sharp cheddar cheese, kinda dot on the chicken salad, sprinkle a little garlic salt, top with more cheese. Bake at 375 for ten minutes!  Last night I decided to not worry about calories... I fried some shredded potatoes until they were super crispy, then put them on top!  Delicious!!

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  1. Made this awhile ago, big hit!!! Everyone loved it. Hmmm....thinking of making it again tonight maybe.